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Meat processing

Two specialised factories to reduce risks.

To reduce health risks, the JEAN FLOC'H group has decided to separate the raw and cooked production sites.

At JEAN FLOC'H, food safety is a priority value. Producing cooked and raw processed meats on the same site increases the risk of contamination.

The Clermont meat processing plant in Liffré brings together all our know-how and offers a large range of raw and cooked meats for all palates.

Paying particular attention to the quality of fresh meat, the group is one of the first manufacturers to make safety the number one priority by separating sites and thus guaranteeing better protection for such fragile, fresh products.

The two meat processing factories are extremely modern, recently built and boast the most efficient processes in order to deal with all types of clients and all sizes of orders, both in France and for the export market.

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