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Fresh pork meat

Supplies are provided several times a day from our own slaughterhouses. With ultra fresh raw material, the results speak for themselves.
Discover below the 6 families fresh pork meat:


Cote carre JF





Chop: Collar or loin, in protective atmosphere tray, available in various grammages with customized packagings.


Emince de porc






Cutting60/80 g diced and minced pork shoulder vacuum packed, ham scallop from 120 g, other other grammage on request.



Filet mignon





Entire piece: tender loin, spareribs, collar, ham, loin...a wide range directly from our slaughterhouse.









Deboned pieceshoulder, ham : 3D, 4D, 5D,…Our quick and dry chilling process of the carcass prevents humidity in order to avoid bacteria breeding.



Poitrine fraiche





Belly: A grade, rectangular cut, trimmed and deboned, adapted for the food service.

Roti de porc Jf









Roast: from deboned loin or collar, with ou without thread,…a large choice of products with a high level of flavour and hygiene.



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