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Cured meat product

The proximity of our slaughterhouse and industrial tools coupled with our authentic know-how come together as we produce a wide range of products with an unusually high level flavour and hygiene.

Preparation and packaging are tailored to the customer’s specific need.

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Our butchering performance is demonstrated by our industrial processes and highly responsive attitude to customer request.

Responsiveness in terms of order processing lead times, backed up by fast suppliers and efficient technical organization together with an ability to adapt to client’s requests. 

Flexibility and adaptability: Jean Floc’h can handle butcher orders in real time from a few kilos to several tons, with tray or cardboard packaging.





A wide range with many innovative ideas: Chipolatas, merguez, sausages in natural casing, 


Sausage flesh, Stuffing, Flat sausage…

This large range, based on experimented and well-known know-how, reassures and reconcilies the consumer with unknown or forgotten flavours.

The strength of a sausage product manufacturer depends heavily on their supplies.

Supplies are provided several times a day from our own slaughterhouses. With ultra-fresh nutrition, the results speak for themselves. 



ribs-jean-floch4 delicious recipes for this BBQ MINUTE range : "barbecue", "provençale", "mexicaine" and "thym citron".

Already marinated and cooked, just to reheat during 4 minutes in the microwave.

bbq minute-jean-floch 

Salt-cured and smoked meats

ROTI-FILET-JEAN-FLOCHSAUCISSE-FUMEE-JEAN-FLOCHWith a focus on top-quality raw material, Jean Floc’h has always taken a keen interest in cured meat through traditional recipes: plain and cooked smoked bellies, loins, shank…