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Processed products

For more than 20 years our canning plant at Baud in Brittany has supplied meat products to a world-wide range of markets. The plant is IFS Food certified.

We currently produce 6 000 tonnes of canned meat products annually, of which 40% is exported to more than fifty countries. Besides pork, we also offers you beef, poultry and for specfic markets, lamb products.

Our customer service is highly flexible, providing, as required, private branding labeling in multi-lingual packaging, and responding to market requirements such as local tastes, designs and life-style needs. We also produce special packaging at client's requests, eg in cans, jars, can in big catering size, in round or trapezoid can of 1kg.

In terms of logistic, we can provide you a fully range of integrated services from storage to shipment completed with our customs clearance service on site. This means that products pass from the loading dock rapidly through customs procedures and are provided with the necessary documentation (EX, T1, T5) ensuring that export distribution is rapid and unhindered by formalities

Gamme export

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