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An approach to innovation that respects the product and the consumer.

Cuisine Jean Floch

We are intent on listening to our customers and satisfying their requirements.

Thanks to an expert blend of Research & Development, Marketing and industrial performance, we can respond to our customers' wishes in the fields of meat and processed products.

We continuously invest to adapt our production equipment in order to offer competitive prices, acquire new expertise and ensure that the necessary production capacity is available to us at all times.

We offer a very wide and constantly developing product range based on the following principles:


  • To improve the value of our products for our customers' demands,
  • To improve the quality of our services and products,
  • To extend or renew our product range,
  • To develop our products in the light of trends toward reduced salt content and nutritional balance.




Foodstuffs are a vital product because, quite simply, a good diet is the source of our well-being.

All the Group's teams are committed to developing an innovative foodstuffs industry that respects both consumers and the environment.