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Service-oriented philosophy

An efficient customer service 

Plus de 3000 livraisons/jour assurées sur le territoire national

A customer service policy is the best way to be successful in highly competitive markets when you are up against firmly established market leaders.

Good service is one of JEAN FLOC'H’s key company values. It starts off with a very healthy meat product that is ready for use; the group adds its unfailing professionalism in all activities to this, and promotes these aspects with an active policy of investment and national and international certifications guaranteeing customers that the product is in compliance with good practice. The group’s service is made all the best thanks to its creativity when it comes to creating new products, and extends to its 6 days per week delivery system in France, Europe and all over the world.

More than 3,000 deliveries per day, 6 days per week, are organized to all the mass-caterers (clinics, hospitals, retirement homes, schools, industrial groups, wholesalers, meat curing plants and industrial meat processors, distributors, pork butchers, etc.). The group has its own fleet in the west of France.

Transport is a key service that requires very strict logistics. Each order is treated with the same rigour, whatever its volume.


Creativity and responsiveness, the Jean Floc’h spirit

A few hierarchy levels, the independence of each production site, and the Jean Floc’h company spirit: all encourage the teams to be responsive when it comes to detecting and dealing with the customer’s needs.

Creating a recipe, a product, a packaging, or solving a problem… these are the sort of issue that JEAN FLOC'H’s teams want to resolve for their customers.

Decisions are made quickly and everyone is involved in finding the right solution. This is the work philosophy inspired by the company’s creator, and probably the reason why the JEAN FLOC'H group has kept on growing for the last 10 years, even in stable markets.