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Our Story

A brittany epic

The independence and synergies between the plants, as each one is a business unit, work towards the dynamism of the group.

1989 - Extension of the Locminé abattoir

Camion Jean Floch

By acquiring a meat processing plant for conversion into an industrial pork abattoir of 35,000 m² on a 12 ha site, JEAN FLOC'H asserted its ambition to become a major actor in the profession with a slaughtering capacity of 35,000 pigs/week.

1991 - Canning plant created

Camione 2 JF

With the launch of the canning plant, the first factory of the JEAN FLOC'H brand, the group marked its desire to move toward processed products and widened the scope of its services to customers. Immediate success followed, helped by the spirit of competition that drives Jean Floc'h teams.

1995 - Creation of Bernard cured meat plant at Barderff

Camion 3
The choice of creating a new meat processing plant reflected a market expectation and preceded the decision to separate uncooked and cooked meats for greater health guarantees. The group increased its capacities (sausages, lardons and cured meats), but also food safety.

1998 - Acquisition of Loudéac Viandes and SterGoz

Camion 4
This acquisition mades it possible to increase the slaughtering capacity of the group, but also gave an opening into the specific work of sow meat cutting and deboning, which corresponds to the request of many French and European manufacturers.

2001 - Creation of JEAN FLOC'H frozen plant

Usine Jean Floch


The major investment in a deep-freezing plant operating with the most efficient processes (IQF freezing with FlowFreeze and Gyrofreeze systems) supported by a capacity of 12,000 pallets, has opened up new scope for development.

2010 - Acquisition of QUILLARD & FILS company

Quillard et Fils

The Quillard meat processing plant in Carquefou (44), France, brings together all our know-how and offers a large range of raw and cooked meats for all palates.

2015 - Acquisition of C.A.P. company to the DIANA group

Cap UsineCap LogoRenamed Cap Solutions Culinaires, this actor is performing on culinary solutions and coating & decoration products. This strategic development in intermediate foodstuffs aimed at the industrialists and at the catering is complementary with Jean Floc’h business sectors.