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Processed meat

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Two specialised factories to reduce risks.

At JEAN FLOC'H, food safety is a priority value. To reduce health risks, the JEAN FLOC'H group has decided to separate the raw and cooked production sites.

The two meat processing factories are extremely modern, recently built and boast the most efficient processes in order to deal with all types of clients and all sizes of orders, both in France and for the export market.


Fresh raw products

This large range, based on experimented and well-known know-how, reassures and reconciles the consumer with unknown or forgotten flavors.

The strength of a sausage and half-salted product manufacturer depends heavily on their supplies. Supplies are provided several times a day from our own slaughterhouses. With ultra-fresh nutrition, the results speak for themselves.


  • Chipolatas, merguez, sausages in natural casing, vegetal and collagen coating, with or without coloring
  • Fresh or smoked sausage, with or without coloring Beef or mutton merguez with natural, collagen or vegetal casing with or without coloring
  • Sausage flesh, Stuffing, Flat sausage
  • Smoked loin without bone
  • Shoulder, Loin, collar, Ham, shoulder blade, Half-Salted belly, with or without bones
  • Spare ribs, Knuckle, Salted trotters, Half-salted riblet
  • Smoked belly vacuum-packed, Plain and smoked bacon cubes
  • Spare ribs, Knuckle, Shank, trotters, half-salted riblet
  • Provence-style shoulder blade, collar "à la diable"


Chipolata Jean FlochPalette provençale Jean Floch

Fresh cooked products

With a focus on top-quality raw material, JEAN FLOC'H has always taken a keen interest in cured meat through traditional recipes.

The proximity of our slaughter and butcher tools coupled with our authentic know-how come together as we produce a wide range of products with an unusually high level of flavor and hygiene.


  • Hams, shoulders, whole and sliced roasts, Plain and cooked smoked bellies, Cooked smoked roll Shank.
  • Strasbourg sausage, Frankfurters, cervelats, galantine, roll, mortadella
  • Cooked sausages, chipolatas and merguez
  • Plain and smoked garlic sausages
  • Poultry cured meat products (ham, cooked sausages, rolls)
  • Black, white and West Indian pudding
  • Potted meat, lard, cooked pigs trotters
  • Chitterlings: andouillette de Troyes sausage, andouille sausage from Vire and Guémené
  • Caen and Provence style tripe
  • Pie crust
  • Piglet

Jambon supérieur Jean FlochPâté de campagne Jean Floch

Preparation and packaging are tailored to the customer’s specific needs (shop, restaurant or industrial).