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Semi-finished or ready to use ingredients

The most comprehensive, flexible and complete range in semi-finished or ready to use ingredients: meat, cured meats, cooked meats, fresh or deep frozen.
We are able to answer any specification. Reactivity and long term partnership are the key words of our industrial department.

This range is also available in frozen.

Semi-finished products

We are elaborating various sizes and shapes along with our industrial customer: lengths are optimized for slicing, dicing…etc. We can offer embossing calibres from 15 to 300 mm, shapes and moulding with a wide variety of size.

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Ready to use products

Either raw and cured, raw dried, cooked, roast cooked, grill marked, fresh or IQF deep frozen, these items are designed to make your industrial process easy and smooth, and that will give your finished products an award of excellence.

Our equipment and machines allow us to propose a very large choice of presentations: slices, stamps, cubes, rings, frankfurters sausages shapes, meat balls…

If you’re imagining some new products, and looking for a partner that can provide you the very item that will suit your project: then please call us and we will bring you the answer from the expert in the ready to use meat products.

Be more efficient, get the Jean Floc’h reflex.


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