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Who we are?


Key data Jean Floc'h

For more than 50 years, Jean Floc’h is a leading French agribusiness industrialist who has a wide range of expertise with regard to the meat trade. Jean Floc’h selects, slaughters, cuts and processes the pig meat. The group also produces various lines of fresh, preserved, or deep-frozen cured and cooked meat preparations, then distributes its products in France and around the world.

Today, Jean Floc’h brand is in continuous progress in a highly competitive environment. It shows the effectiveness of the economic model implemented by the group, founded on industrial realism, attentiveness to customers and a strong responsiveness to their needs.

In 2022, with 2,100 collaborators and 13 production sites, the group fully masters its core activity of working with pig meat and incorporates complementary key services such as training, logistics and even the management of customs formalities to optimize the entire service it provides.
With a production of 250,000 tons of pork meat and 80,000 tons of processed products, combined with an extremely rapid commercial development, the Group is active in the main markets: catering industry, industrial, export, supermarkets and retail sale.

The Jean Floc'h group achieves almost a third of its turnover to export. Neighboring countries, Northern and Eastern Europe, Russia, but also major exports to Asia and Africa, reflect the level of performance. This development corresponds to a strategic direction and the determination to achieve growth beyond national border.

The founder, Jean Floc’h, was a visionary manufacturer and leader of men, he has transmitted strong values to the teams that succeeded him and who are proud to carry his name.

A multi products strategy and attentiveness to customers


Les métiers Jean Floc'h

Built upon the initiative of a visionary, daring businessman, Jean Floc'h, the group has grown very rapidly through the creation of 12 industrial sites. The desire to serve the greatest number of customers has brought it success in many markets in France, as well as in the medium and large export markets.