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Frozen pork meat

Cote carre JF



The IQF frozen cut pork solution sourced directly from our own abattoirs to ensure fast processing and optimum part sizes: pork chops, sauté, roast, minced meat, tenderloin, pork meatballs, etc.


Lardons fumés





The IQF frozen delicatessen solution: an all-round product range for menus that unite expertise, quality and customer service: chipolatas, merguez, Toulouse sausages, cooked or uncooked chopped bacon, salami-style sausage slices, smoked sausage, blood sausage, gammon, pâté, ribs…etc. Custom topping solutions are also available: cooked or raw smoked chopped bacon, small bacon dices, diced ham, shoulder, smoked sausage, chorizo or salami-style sausage slices, etc.


Carrac de porc





Gourmet range

A unique range designed by our pork experts for dedicated professionals: chops with rind on, pork spider steaks, presa, pluma, secreto, etc.



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